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Laina Walker tumblr erotic Apple has admitted its iCloud service was to blame for the theft of hundreds of celebrity pictures.The firm said it was outraged by the attacks and said they were the result of a very targeted attack on user names passwords and security questions.It advised worried customers to update their accounts with a strongpassword and enable twostep verification.Scroll down for videoApples online system for resetting iCloud passwords has come under scrutiny for its part in the hacking case. HOW TO PROTECT YOUR ACCOUNT Experts say worried consumers should turn on twostep verification for their iCloud account.The tool prevents people accessing accounts even if they have the password.To set up twostep verification go to My Apple ID.Select Manage your Apple ID and sign in then select Password and Security.Under TwoStep Verification select Get Started and follow the onscreen instructions.When a user sets up twostep verification they register one or more trusted devices.A trusted device is one that can receive 4digit verification codes using either SMS or Find My iPhone.Our customers privacy and security are of utmost importance to us it said in a statement.We wanted to provide an update to ou free online sexwebchatLinkedInWOW Another Kylie Jenner sex tape rumor is exploding the internet this time the alleged video was leaked on Twitter. A fan by the name of ShakirJenner tweeted the video to Kylie. The fan then asked the reality star if it was her and to everyones surprise she answered him See her response below.SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE FULL VIDEO.A blurry pic of the Kylie Jenner sex tape leaked on twitterTo be honest Kylie has made a lot of sex scandal headlines since she turned 18 years old. The most believable sex tape we have seen of Kylie and Tyga is this one. It pretty much broke the internet when it surfaced about a year ago. Its probably because the girl on the footage looks identical to her well back when she had that green hair and was getting crazy at Coachella.Your browser does not support HTML5 v

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Online sex chat script More than 100 private photos of celebrities have been leaked onlineThese images were reportedly stolen from iCloud accountsThey included private photos of Jennifer Lawrence and Kelly BrookIt is not clear how the hacker gained access to the imagesFlaw has been discovered that could have allowed hackers to use a brute force attack against the serviceThis is a trialanderror method used to get passwords from encrypted dataThe images may also have been stolen from Google Drive or Dropbox

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